About Us

About Us

Green Earth is a manufacturer of quality cotton bags, Towels,
Gauze and


We are from Second Manchester of South India famous for Medical Textile Production. We focus maily on Gauze, Threads and Towels. We have 20 year long tradition in this field and serving the clients for more than 17 years. 

We Concentrate more on quality as it is going to speak about our brand for long time to come. Satisfaction of our clients is the foremost mission and vision of our company


We manufacture products with quality raw materials


As we are focused on nature friendliness we ought to keep our environment sustainable


We are manufacturing our products with utmost conscience not to harm our nature

What our clients say about our products?

“These bags are exactly what I wanted. They were inexpensive, perfect size, and decent material. They look nice!”

Ramar, Manager, Latta Super Bazaar

“Perfect bags for shopping. I hate plastic bags so it is wonderful to have a bunch for groceries!”

Proprietor, Bala Super Shoppe

"Bags are amazing. They are sturdy, their simple look is great and they hold quite a bit of groceries."

Proprietor, Murugan Stores

"Thank you for your quality & affordable thread! The packaging is fantastic and the quality & quantity of your thread products are beyond my expectations. For such a great price I did not know what to expect."

Proprietor, PPP Associates