Gauze Cloth

You're presumably acquainted with the cotton gauze fabric in your medical aid pack, yet this slender, sheer texture is likewise used to make free and breathable. There are different kinds such as cheesecloth, gauze cloth, Double and Triple gauze cloth. Dressing is a flimsy, clear texture with a free open weave. In specialized terms "bandage" is a weave structure in which the weft yarns are masterminded two by two and are crossed when each twist yarn keeping the weft immovably set up. We promised to give you the pure cotton gauze cloth and coarse cloth with high absorbency for surgical use and cleaning which is manufactured in our sanitized premises with complete sterilization.

Below are the made ups in gauze and bandage cloths:
1. Cotton swabs
2. Mopping pads
3. Dressing pads
4. Roller Bandage

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